"We moved home in 2003 and having finally finished renovations we turned our attention to what to do with our large garden. After much deliberation we settled for a pond and it was one of the best decisions we have ever arrived at. I think we must have chosen the best person to design and build it, and Mark’s passion and attention to detail impressed us hugely.” M. Morley, Surrey,

“Four ducks on a pond, a grass bank beyond, a blue sky of spring, white clouds on the wing, what a little thing to remember for years, to remember with tears.” William Allingham, poet 1824-1889.goldfish


Hello and welcome to my website. Before I tell you about the services I offer, please indulge me as I would like to tell you briefly how I came to be in the business of designing and creating ponds.

I vividly remember the day my father and his friend began to dig a large hole at the bottom of our garden. I was six years old at the time and was dead excited at the idea of having a fish pond. Being a typical boy I did my level best to persuade them to make it as big as possible - ideally taking up the entire garden - but they were the ones doing the digging! After a few weeks the new pond was full of water and I couldn’t wait to see things swimming about in it. We bought a few fish and then my father took me to some local lakes armed with fishing net and a large jam jar. Our quarry was frog spawn.frog spawn

From that day on I spent much of my youth messing about in and around our pond, and never tired of watching the fish, frogs and newts, and other wild creatures it attracted.
Four decades later I have exchanged my successful business career for the chance to pursue this passion that I still hold. Instead of commuting into a central London office every day I now provide a first class service for others wishing to enhance their outdoor space and discover the joys of nature in their own back yards - whilst of course indulging myself!

If you decide to take the plunge and commission me to build your pond, you will be in extremely eager and capable hands.