“There was a certain something missing in our otherwise idyllic garden. Mark managed to capture the perfect image from our very first meeting and delivered the perfect solution. We now spend many a lazy afternoon watching the dragonflies dance over our peaceful pond. Many thanks Mark, a wonderful job” M. Hunt, Hampshire. Autumn 08.


A garden pond can be many things. It can be the place you retire to for an hour in the evening to lose yourself after a demanding day’s work, or it can be the focal point of your garden. It can be a formal feature of your designer space, or a natural wildlife sanctuary. Whatever your motivation, a pond is good for the soul. As a devotee I have two in my garden so that I can keep my prized fish as well as encourage wildlife and do my bit for the environment.
It is possible to create many different types of pond in virtually any shape and size, using a number of varying methods of construction. Traditional concrete ponds last a lifetime and perhaps one of the nicest things about them is that they weather beautifully, quickly attracting the growth of moss and lichens for a very natural look. Alternatively there are various types of liner available, some of which come with lifetime guarantees, and these provide a less labour intensive option.  fountain





Stocking and Planting

If you intend to keep fish, then water condition will be of great importance – especially if Koi is your preferred species.
Personally, I would recommend less demanding varieties, such as Sarassa, Comet, Orfe, Tench, Shubunkin and of course honest-to-goodness Goldfish. These are all equally beautiful to watch but are much less expensive and more tolerant of water -conditions that are less likely to strain your pocket.

In addition to circulation and filtration, planting is equally important to attaining optimum water quality. Oxygenators, water lilies and marginal plants each play their role to this end, and successful planning and execution are crucial to achieving a healthy environment for fish and other wildlife.